About Us

Our story

Gillian Neal started through the creation of simple, elegant jewellery that can be worn every day.  Our jewellery is designed and handmade in very small quantities, from our tiny studio. No two pieces are ever quite the same. 

Our inspiration comes from our surroundings. We can't help but be inspired by the beautiful city we call home: Vancouver, British Columbia - Canada.

It all began in 2000 when we were unable to find jewellery in the marketplace that met each of our individual styles.  We are three sisters, therefore, our individual styles are quite different.  We began designing and making our own jewellery.  We started the Gillian Neal brand after receiving many compliments, and began making jewellery for friends and co-workers who admired our designs. Gillian Neal became a fixture at craft shows, (before crafting was trendy), and we held many jewellery trunk shows, (before online shopping became mainstream). 

We worked on our jewellery while establishing our "real" careers. Each of of us have had successful careers in a variety of fields and industries: Information Technology, Telecommunications, Finance, Travel & Leisure, Insurance, Customer Service,  Digital Media, Advertising & Marketing. 

Planting the seed.  Where did it start?

As kids, we grew up watching our parents run several successful hardware stores.  Mom and dad started their first shop in the 1980’s.  They knew nothing about hardware at the time, but this did not stop them from putting in an incredible amount of hard work and dedication. We all worked in the stores after school and during our summer vacations.  In doing so, we learned a lot by watching our parents, aunts, and uncles build their successful businesses. 

The entrepreneurial spirit that was instilled in us growing up will no doubt inspire us to build and grow Gillian Neal. Stay tuned...